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Sparco USASparco USA

Thousands of professional and amateur racing drivers rely on Sparco every year to protect them in the unfriendliest environment, the cockpit of a racecar. At speeds of more than 200 mph, and temperatures above 120 degrees, a driver must be 100% confident in their safety equipment. Therefore, the world's top professional drivers choose Sparco, more than any other brand.

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Sponsor Vertical BridgeVertical Bridge

Since our company was founded in 2014, Vertical Bridge has quickly become the largest private owner and manager of communication infrastructure in the U.S., dedicated to providing our customers with superior service in a dynamic market.

Vertical Bridge currently has more than 266,000 owned and managed sites nationwide, including wireless and broadcast towers, rooftops, land parcels, and billboards. These assets have been assembled through more than 250 acquisitions and 180 real estate transactions, and we continue to grow and enhance our infrastructure each year to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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Foundation Based on Innovation. In 1980, Lawrence Askew, USALCO’s founder, had a revolutionary idea that forever changed the aluminum based chemical marketplace. His idea was a better process for creating Sodium Aluminate. He built a business based on that process that was distinct in two ways:

  • A customer-dedicated facility for a former captive-use manufacturer, long before people talked about outsourcing
  • A process that utilized alumina tri-hydrate wet filter cake, a more economical raw material than dry alumina tri-hydrate

The use of alumina tri-hydrate wet filter cake in the manufacture of sodium aluminate truly revolutionized the international market and demand for this product. Today, this material is used to manufacture the majority of the products in the aluminum-based chemistry family, including aluminum sulfate and polyaluminum chloride. It was the atmosphere around these early innovations that sparked the creative, customer-driven culture that best characterizes USALCO.

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